“She’s so Wild” Feat. Patrick S. Album: “Transitions 2017 ”
2(4x4) I’ ve never seen a girl like you
I’ ve never seen a woman like you She so wild
She so wild (X2)
Contra Chorus
2(4x4) Lights stay flashing red and blue
Short skirt tight dress I’m looking at you So much class when dancing with you I can’t let go to tell you the truth
You look back to me Feeling seduced The way that you act Feeling amused
So much class I’m looking at you
I can’t let go when dancing with you
I ‘ve never met anyone alike she is so decent but at the same time is so wild
The fact of freedom was what catches my eyes she move around like a goddess
And I just wanna find the way to connect with her she look at me and smile
I reply doing the same The following action is me walking towards her
I read her mind I can hear her thinking lets do it man
I ask her name next to a deep look in her eyes is when I realize she is already mine
She is so confident I don't want her to far from my sight
I swear god she gave me the last thing that I needed that night
Right at the place I start to wright a song about her I commented about and she love it man You can imagine real feeling my nigga what I felt she made my night I’m so grateful I really want you girl
Let’s talk about us let’s talk about life let’s talk bout all the amazing things we can achieve tonight
I think about it and more I think more I wanna do
We got connection I really would like I hope you do
The following action I ask for an expensive drink she touched my hand and said my man there is not need After that she just gave me the green light for only be me I’m gonna do it right

She is watching the clock is already mid night
She ask me about accompany her to get a cab outside
She ask as well about tomorrow what I have to do
I answered go to the studio what about you
It seems like none of us wanted get off of the situation
It was like the perfect match one unique combination
Couple seconds later I jumped inside the cab the night was just starting to get nicer and warm She commented on the way you can come to my place we can spend the night let’s keep connecting my man
I think I’m dreaming I hope that you can understand I flying super high I think I’m going away Moment like those are the one that make you feel alive
She got me crazy gave me so much I don’t know why
Resuming in the morning after hours of living life
She self-confessed haven't seen no-one alike